Automated IaC tag and trace

Yor is an open-source tool that automatically tags infrastructure as code (IaC) templates with attribution and ownership details, unique IDs that get carried across to cloud resources, and any other need-to-know information.

Run Yor as a pre-commit hook or in your CI/CD pipeline for code to cloud traceability and auditability.

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Supported frameworks

Automatically tag IaC templates line-by-line through to cloud resources across all major cloud providers.

Yor automates away manual and inconsistent tagging for Terraform, CloudFormation, and Serverless framework templates.

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Automated code to cloud tagging

Through automatic and consistent tagging, Yor traces changes down to each line of code, enabling GitOps by making it easier to triage misconfigurations in production and audit changes for compliance, finance, and ops use cases.

Assign code to developers

Consistent tagging creates better attribution for who added or changed a line of code.

Attribute cloud resources

Tags automatically applied to IaC templates carry over to cloud resource tagging to identify owners and for cost allocation.

Trace from cloud to code

Tie misconfigurations back to the line of code that created the change, and cloud drift back to the code that differs from the runtime environment.

Extend and customize

Create inline rules for skipping tagging and generate new simple or complex tags for your use cases.


Add automatic tagging to your existing developer toolchain to make tagging simple and consistent.

Yor can be integrated into your continuous integration pipeline, as a pre-commit hook, or locally using our CLI.

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Contribute to Yor

Yor is built and maintained thanks to our invaluable worldwide community.

Developer Guide

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Contributing a new parser

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